Prints for Nursery

I ordered 2 prints from Etsy for the nursery – both by Kristiana Parn.  They came today – I just love them!!

One is called Baby Bird

and the other is called Follow Your Heart

I love the hues, the simplicity, and the playfulness of the prints.  There are so many to choose from on Etsy – I had to just commit.  I have also committed to fabric scheme for curtains, crib skirt, and the other plush things for the nursery – it is called Surf and Sand by Marcus Fabrics .  I think it could be boy or girl – I’m thinking the dots for the curtains and plain teal for a small rocker I have that will be recovered. I think the star / flower fabric for the crib skirt.   Walls in the nursery will be a light blue.  I showed Matt the fabric and he really liked it too so now I just need to figure out how much and make an order!

I also have a crib in mind – the Lollipop Crib – it’s available at Baby Depot in Kitchener. It has the simple lines I like and converts to a bed.  Has anyone tried this crib?  Any feedback?  I have not found any reviews – not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing…  I have yet to see it in person – I’m planning a trip to the store in early September.  

I looked at Sears – the only place in Stratford that sells cribs and the ones on display were very poor quality – wobbly, fake wood, scratched easily etc.  I hope the Lollipop is ok.

I so am happy to get a start on this! 

A girl I’ve been e-mailing who is also using our agency received her referral today from Korea – a very cute little boy!  Took 5.5 months for the referral!!  Congratulations Belinda and Steve!

4 responses

  1. Congrats to Belinda and Steve – exciting!!

    Krista – I love everything! I’m drooling over the fabric you chose. (I was actually thinking of doing a nursery post myself – I finally have a theme!) I can’t wait to see your nursery come together!

  2. I love the colours you’ve chosen! Your baby room will be beautiful! The prints you bought match perfectly. It will all come together so nicely!

  3. I totally love the the prints! they really suit what I think you would have picked for colours and such a cool theme! I want to come over and see this stuff-can I can I can I???

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