Another book finished…

Over the weekend I finished The Boleyn Inheritance– the third book in the Henry VIII series by Philippa Gregory.  I loved it!  I highly recommend this series – especially if you enjoyed the movie The Other Boleyn Girl, which is book 2.  Book 1 is the Constant Princess.  I feel they are like historical chick lit – going through the dramas of young women in the Tudor era, love, friendships, and life – and in most cases death – we are talking Henry VIII.  When you look at them you might get overwhelmed if you are not used to reading large books – they are about 500 pages each, but due to the short chapters you can get through the book quickly.  And yes, once again, they have in issue of infertility.  This time it was the infertility of King Henry – or should I say his impotence…

I’m currently reading Linda Howard’s new romance – Death Angel… good so far, but I must admit Open Season is her best novel!

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