Domestic or what!

Ok, I’m turning into a domestic diva.  I’ve been baking muffins, I’ve been buying baby clothes, and even doing some quilting – but now I’m throwing a Tupperware Party!  There were some ladies going door to door to entice women in the neighbourhood to host parties, and sadly I was drawn in.  I enjoy free things and the gifts for signing up and throwing a party were just too good to say no to!  So on August 26 I’m hoping all of my friends and family will show up – I’ve only had an RSVP from one person so far 😦

Looking through the catalogue I was surprised to see some of the same toys that I played with as a child, so I will be looking into buying the Shape-O toy!  I also want to get the Ideal Lit’l Bowl Set and the Divided Dish Set with Easy Grip Handles.

I know the items seem expensive, but really – look in your mother’s, grandmother’s kitchen – bet you will find many of their Tupperware items in great shape!  They stand the test of time!

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