Domestic or what!

Ok, I’m turning into a domestic diva.  I’ve been baking muffins, I’ve been buying baby clothes, and even doing some quilting – but now I’m throwing a Tupperware Party!  There were some ladies going door to door to entice women in the neighbourhood to host parties, and sadly I was drawn in.  I enjoy free things and the gifts for signing up and throwing a party were just too good to say no to!  So on August 26 I’m hoping all of my friends and family will show up – I’ve only had an RSVP from one person so far 😦

Looking through the catalogue I was surprised to see some of the same toys that I played with as a child, so I will be looking into buying the Shape-O toy!  I also want to get the Ideal Lit’l Bowl Set and the Divided Dish Set with Easy Grip Handles.

I know the items seem expensive, but really – look in your mother’s, grandmother’s kitchen – bet you will find many of their Tupperware items in great shape!  They stand the test of time!

Waiting… Still.

We are still waiting to hear back from the Children’s Bridge if our home study was approved by the Ministry of Child and Youth Services.  Our package was sent to the Ministry on June 18 – that is 53 days ago, almost 8 weeks.   It is supposed to take 6 – 8 weeks to hear back…   In 4 more days it will have been 8 weeks.  Once it is approved, our dossier and home study will go to Korea – then officially we will be a family in waiting!