Great Summer Day

Yesterday was a great day. 

We woke up, got ready and went to see the Jeng Yi Korean Drummers at the Stratford Summer Music Festival.  What a treat!  The energy of the drummers was amazing, and the sounds were awesome.  The Kayagum (a zither) had a beautiful sound.  Then the dancers with Sangmo!  The Sangmo is “a ribbon that that is spun with energy of the dancing body”. 

After we went for a nice walk around downtown, and then a drive in the country.  Matt wanted to show me a house that is for sale – it is a beautiful stone home in the country – it is really our dream home – but right now we are following another dream 🙂
Then for dinner we decided to try some Korean Beef.  We used the PC Memories of Korean Barbecue Grilling & Glazing Sauce – so easy – and very tasty. 
Then a bonfire finished up the day.