A few things for the nursery

Over the last few weeks I have bought some baby clothes – I haven’t been able to resist!  When in Cleveland I went the The Children’s Place – and they had great deals – 50% off the sale price – so I got a three things – for less than $10!  They are “boyish” but I think they could be used for girls too – especially messing around at the cottage.  I have also taken advantage of some sales at Zehrs with the Joe Fresh line of clothes – various tee’s for $2.50 each – I love a great deal!  They are more unisex.  I’ve been getting things for 12-18 months so hopefully they will fit (we requested a child 6-12 months).   I hope I’m not jinxing myself!

Baby Clothes

Baby Clothes

My friend Suzy also gave me a bag full of boy clothes – in case we get referred a boy.  Our agency says that the majority of adoptions from Korea are boys, but most of the adoption blogs I read, the babies adopted are girls – so who knows!

I have also been collecting some books over time.  I hope to have a good collection for our baby at home, but will ensure that we have weekly visits to our local public library.  I’m sure the girls at work will want to see him or her!!

Books for Baby

Books for Baby

The book Dream: a tale of Wonder, Wisdom, and Wishesby Susan Bosak is a beautiful story of how a person’s hopes and dreams change from a baby through to old age.  The illustrations in this book are amazing – done by 15 famous artists.  The Blessing from Above book was a gift from Trish at work – it is a story about a kangaroo who wanted a baby – but no baby came to her pouch – until a bird fell from a tree into her pouch making her a mommy.  Thanks again Trish!  Then The Monster at the end of this Book was my favourite growing up – so when I saw it on sale at Chapters I couldn’t resist!  Grover is very cool.

One of the books is called The Hockey Sweaterby Roch Carrier.  Roch Carrier is a Canadian author, and for a time was the National Librarian of Canada.  I had the pleasure to meat Mr. Carrier in 2003 when he came to the Stratford Public Library to celebrate our Library’s centennial.  He did a book reading for children in the afternoon, and a book signing.  I had 2 copies of the Hockey Sweater autographed by him for our anticipated future children.  He wrote “To Robinson Child # 1, Welcome to this planet.  I wish you all the best.  Roch Carrier.”  He did the same on the second book – but to Robinson Child #2.  

TO Robinson Child # 1

To Robinson Child # 1

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  1. This post is not helping my recent desire to buy something “in good faith” that next summer we will need it! 🙂

    I love the books you outline above as well – they may need to go on Baby’s wish list.

    My last thought – the thing we love about Korea is that it’s a surprise as far as gender. We keep hearing “boys, boys, boys” from one social worker and “don’t count on it – we’ve been getting a lot of girls as well” from the other! You think they are trying hard to keep us guessing?!

  2. We didn’t actually meet at the Brickman’s picnic but we were there with our three children Alison 11, Sarah, 8 and Andrew home Aug. 2 2006. When I saw the clothes I had to comment. Andrew at 4 1/2 months was 18lbs. He fit into some of the things I brought. We were lucky like you to have hand me downs where we could search out what fit when we got home and didn’t buy too much until he was actually home. Buying baby stuff is fun so I bought some things before we went too. I found two piece items helped. They were more size forgiving. Sleepers are especially handy. On the flight home even though it was Aug. he needed a few footed sleepers because the air craft was so cold! I’m enjoying reading your blog!

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