For the last few months I have been working on and off on a baby quilt made with Amy Butler’s pink lotus fabric.  I was thinking it would be a quilt for our baby if it turns out to be a girl.  Well, I have a better use for it.  Turns out one of my house mates from University is pregnant!  Laura and I lived together for 3 years and you know how life is, you tend to grow apart.  It wasn’t until I was out walking with Sarah a couple of weeks ago, who was also a university house mate, that I discovered this exciting news.

So of course, I sent an e-mail right away and got the scoop.  She is due in November, but unfortunately is having a scheduled C section at the end of September.  Seems that during the ultrasounds the doctors discovered a 5cm mass of cells on her intestine and they cannot determine what it is.  So, the early C-section is to prevent the baby from getting too large and putting pressure on the lump.  And since the baby is going to be a girl… I thought this quilt would be a perfect gift. 

Here is the final product.  (I was home sick from work today – the Library Cold – and thought binding the quilt would be the best watching tv past time).


Tupperware Followup

So the Tupperware party on Tuesday night was a great success.  7 friends came and we all learned a lot about the wonders of Tupperware.  I received some great bowls as booking and hosting bonus’ and for my friends also booking parties.  But for the baby to be, I ordered the Shape-O and some divided bowls for feeding.


Since 3 friends have also booked parties from my party, I will be ordering more!  I want to get the sippie cups and little no leak bowls.  I did get some stuff just for the kitchen – Heat n’ Serve containers, freezer containers etc.   When finalizing the orders this morning however I discovered that I could have held a Fundraiser party where 40% of the proceeds could go towards the adoption.  The catalogue is much more limited, but what a great idea!

Episode 93

Sex and the City reruns have been playing on Cosmo TV, and I tend to watch them before work or at lunch – the same episodes are on a few times a day.  Today was episode 93 – “An American Girl in Paris – (Part Une)”.  In this episode Charlotte and Harry are filling out all of the paperwork for their adoption homestudy – and Harry asks when there are millions of kids in the world who need homes why do they have to fill out all of the paperwork.  (I know we have all asked that question!)  I loved Charlotte’s reply (I had to watch the episode again at lunch to get it right):

“God is going to send us a baby from somewhere.  Our job is to fill out the paperwork just right and to be as agressive as we can up to the point of obnoxious.”

2 more books…

Two more books I have read recently:

The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch – AMAZING!  What a wonderful tribute to leave to your family.  This book provides lessons on how to celebrate life and how to be a good person.  Randy had pancreatic cancer and unfortunately died on July 25th of this year, 11 months after being first diagnosed.  You will cry when you read this book.  For more on the Last Lecture, visit the website – http://www.thelastlecture.com/

The second book was What Was Lostby Catherine O’Flynn.  It is a book about a young girl who goes missing at a shopping mall and the events that unravel to unveil her killer.  It is a bit of a spooky tale, I found it to be a little slow at times, but overall a great debut novel.  It has a bit of a Lovely Bones feel to it…  P.S. Sorry MB I returned it so late – but hey – I was on vacation and I don’t get fines!

Back from Vacation

I just got back from a much needed vacation.  Matt and I went to his family’s cottage near Burk’s Falls Ontario – just north of Huntsville.  It is located on Mason Lake – the lake we named our dog Mason after.  We love going there – it is quiet, you can fish, swim, read, boat, hike, ATV, eat lots…  My friend Kelly came up on Friday and brought my brother – so that was nice – someone for me to hang with and someone for my hubby to fish with.  Matt and my brother are still up there – I came home yesterday with Kelly.  My body keeps feeling like I’m on the dock – you know the floaty feeling? It is pretty weird.  So I will share some pictures when Matt gets home with the camera tomorrow.

I think I have come home to Fall though – it is pretty cool here!  You can tell school is right around the corner.

Where is Home?

Today I received an e-mail and in it there was reference top a Korean magazine – KoreAM Journal.com and profiled on the main page was an article called Where is Home which details the history – and the future – of adoption in South Korea.  It is a very interesting read for anyone adopting or who has adopted from Korea. 

The article is long – so if you are not going to read the whole thing I thought I would share the last paragraph:

“The reasons for why children are abandoned have changed, but what has remained the same is that they need and deserve homes … So what would be the only logical reason for closure of international adoption? When there are no more children to be sent abroad.”

Rockabye Baby

Just hopping around the web and found a link to an article called 20 Baby Products Great for Traumatizing Infants- very funny – but kinda scary that these articles exist…  I must admit though I’m excited about Rockabye Baby – I’ve heard of this site before but had never visited.  They have Lullaby Renditions of Metallica!!  Matt and I are big Metallica fans – this is just too funny!

Waiting for a Referral

Since not all of our family and friends will necessarily understand the importance of yesterday’s happy dance, I thought I would explain.  By receiving a Letter of No Objectionfrom the MYCS and having our Dossier sent to South Korea it means that we are now officially waiting for a Referral.  A referral occurs when South Korea has approved your Dossier and has matched you with the perfect child.  This generally  takes 6 – 8 months – but it seems to be taking closer to 5 – 6 months (at least that is what is seems from the monthly Children’s Bridge newsletters) … so hopefully by February 2009 we will know who our child is!!   

We are now officially a “Family in Waiting”!

Prints for Nursery

I ordered 2 prints from Etsy for the nursery – both by Kristiana Parn.  They came today – I just love them!!

One is called Baby Bird

and the other is called Follow Your Heart

I love the hues, the simplicity, and the playfulness of the prints.  There are so many to choose from on Etsy – I had to just commit.  I have also committed to fabric scheme for curtains, crib skirt, and the other plush things for the nursery – it is called Surf and Sand by Marcus Fabrics .  I think it could be boy or girl – I’m thinking the dots for the curtains and plain teal for a small rocker I have that will be recovered. I think the star / flower fabric for the crib skirt.   Walls in the nursery will be a light blue.  I showed Matt the fabric and he really liked it too so now I just need to figure out how much and make an order!

I also have a crib in mind – the Lollipop Crib – it’s available at Baby Depot in Kitchener. It has the simple lines I like and converts to a bed.  Has anyone tried this crib?  Any feedback?  I have not found any reviews – not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing…  I have yet to see it in person – I’m planning a trip to the store in early September.  

I looked at Sears – the only place in Stratford that sells cribs and the ones on display were very poor quality – wobbly, fake wood, scratched easily etc.  I hope the Lollipop is ok.

I so am happy to get a start on this! 

A girl I’ve been e-mailing who is also using our agency received her referral today from Korea – a very cute little boy!  Took 5.5 months for the referral!!  Congratulations Belinda and Steve!