Digipalooza & Cleveland

We had a pretty good time away in Cleveland.  As I previously mentioned, the reason for the trip to Cleveland was Digipalooza.  Digipalooza is a conference celebrating Overdrive’s services.  Overdrive is a company that provides services that your public / state / provincial library might participate in – it provides e-audiobooks that you can download to your computer and then transfer to a MP3 player or burn to a cd.  The exciting news from the conference is the new ability to transfer audio books to an iPod or Mac (coming soon – only a handful of libraries have this set up now).  As a side note, at least at our library you can download learn Korean audiobooks – so we will start learning Korean this fall – perhaps a good task while painting the nursery.

Digital Bookmobile

Digital Bookmobile

I’m glad Matt came with me to the conference – he kept me sane in the car – and I was very good – I only freaked out on the Burlington Bridge and on the Niagara Bridge.  In Cleveland we were able to get last minute tickets to go see the Foo Fighters – they rocked the Q!! If you are a fan and have a chance to see them Go!!  $27 and great seats! 

Foo Fighters

Foo Fighters

We went to see the Twins vs. the Indians – Twins won – Go Justin Morneau!  It was a perfect night – not too hot, and we had seats in the shade which was nice. 

Matt and I at Progress Field

Matt and I at Progress Field

Unfortunately we did not get to go to the House of Blues or the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame due to the food poisoning (see below).  We realized that downtown Cleveland had a lot of pavement.  We were not able to find any real shopping streets – just lots of closed stores.  I think the big box stores must have really demo’d the downtown.  4th Street was really cool – enjoyed the Mexican restaurant (and happy hour) there. 

Good things about the trip:
Highways in New York State and Ohio were great
Cheap beer
Happy Hour
Good food
Burger King
Cheaper gas – if you can believe it!

Bad things about the trip:
Construction in Pensylvania and Michigan
Getting lost in Detroit
Getting food poisoning from the Harry Buffalo
Could not find the Outlet Malls in Port Huron, and as a result missed the Duty Free shop.

I hope to go again in 2 years – next time I will ensure that I get to the Rock!

2 responses

  1. Sorry to hear you missed the R&R HoF… and because of food poisoning! Blegh. I’ll be curious to hear how you like the Korean audiobooks. I’m looking for “Rosetta Stone” alternatives myself.

  2. Cleveland – my home town *sniff* Thanks for saying such nice things about it 🙂 Sorry about the food poisoning though.

    And thanks for the heads up about the Korean audio books. I’m determined to learn Korean by hook or by crook, and can use all the help that’s out there. As my children, both of whom are Korean, are in their late teens, I’m clearly not doing very well so far.

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