Digipalooza & Cleveland

We had a pretty good time away in Cleveland.  As I previously mentioned, the reason for the trip to Cleveland was Digipalooza.  Digipalooza is a conference celebrating Overdrive’s services.  Overdrive is a company that provides services that your public / state / provincial library might participate in – it provides e-audiobooks that you can download to your computer and then transfer to a MP3 player or burn to a cd.  The exciting news from the conference is the new ability to transfer audio books to an iPod or Mac (coming soon – only a handful of libraries have this set up now).  As a side note, at least at our library you can download learn Korean audiobooks – so we will start learning Korean this fall – perhaps a good task while painting the nursery.

Digital Bookmobile

Digital Bookmobile

I’m glad Matt came with me to the conference – he kept me sane in the car – and I was very good – I only freaked out on the Burlington Bridge and on the Niagara Bridge.  In Cleveland we were able to get last minute tickets to go see the Foo Fighters – they rocked the Q!! If you are a fan and have a chance to see them Go!!  $27 and great seats! 

Foo Fighters

Foo Fighters

We went to see the Twins vs. the Indians – Twins won – Go Justin Morneau!  It was a perfect night – not too hot, and we had seats in the shade which was nice. 

Matt and I at Progress Field

Matt and I at Progress Field

Unfortunately we did not get to go to the House of Blues or the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame due to the food poisoning (see below).  We realized that downtown Cleveland had a lot of pavement.  We were not able to find any real shopping streets – just lots of closed stores.  I think the big box stores must have really demo’d the downtown.  4th Street was really cool – enjoyed the Mexican restaurant (and happy hour) there. 

Good things about the trip:
Highways in New York State and Ohio were great
Cheap beer
Happy Hour
Good food
Burger King
Cheaper gas – if you can believe it!

Bad things about the trip:
Construction in Pensylvania and Michigan
Getting lost in Detroit
Getting food poisoning from the Harry Buffalo
Could not find the Outlet Malls in Port Huron, and as a result missed the Duty Free shop.

I hope to go again in 2 years – next time I will ensure that I get to the Rock!

Bumper Pads

I’m back from Digipalooza, the conference was great and I will post more about the trip once I upload pictures from my camera.

Ok, so bumper pads.  As I mentioned in a previous post I was wondering if bumper pads were safe and necessary for a crib.  I have surveyed my friends and here are the results:

“used them with both the girls and never had a problem, they secure well to the crib and would be very difficult for the baby to suffocate itself. Also, I think it is good so they don’t bump their head against the side of the crib rails.”

“We got a bedding set that included them and we never used them – too many cons and I was terrified of SIDS. We debated putting them on recently as “baby” had fallen over (while jumping in his bed!) and hit his head, but then a friend pointed out that he could use them to step up and possibly fall over the edge….so no, I don’t think they’re a good idea.”

“Didn’t use them – heard some bad stories about very little kids getting caught up in them and reduced air flow. I didn’t look into it – just didn’t just them.”

I used them in the very beginning.  At around 5 months “baby” started to roll a bit and I was afraid that “baby” would roll into one and suffocate as “baby” only knows how to roll one way.  I will probably put them in again when “baby” can move around independently.  Plus, they make the crib look so much more beautiful!

“We used bumper pads for a little while but I found them annoying and the cat kept trying to play with the strings…I think they really are just decorative and I don’t think they provide actual safety. I could see how they could be dangerous, I remember waking up one morning and “baby’s” pudgy little face was pressed up to the bars of the crib, facing me like “baby” had been awake and watching me and I thought A/awww how cute and B/if he’d just rolled over in his sleep like that I’m sure glad I didn’t have bumper pads on the crib. We haven’t got any for this baby and come to think of it, most of the people I know who’ve recently don’t seem to have any on their cribs…”

“I think that it depends on the age of the child.  If he/she is really young and can’t move very well…I wouldn’t use them.  We started using them after 6 or 8 months when baby was more mobile-they also help to keep the soothers in!  Ha ha!  The health unit does not promote their use but as I said, if the baby can move around then they should be okay.  We have our Angel Care monitor that goes off if “baby” stops moving or breathing!”

“We started using bumper pads when “baby” started sitting up and moving around the crib because he kept hitting his head.  I didn’t use them when “baby” was young because i read stuff about air flow and SIDS but I found them necessary when “baby” started hitting his head, arms, legs etc.  It would wake him up.”

“I think bumper pads are another marketing ploy to make you spend money!! They have a very limited time when they are safe to use and are barely worth it.
You shouldn’t use them until the little one is rolling and able to lift their head (so they don’t smother), and then you need to remove them once the little one starts to stand so that they can’t use them to step up and fall out of the crib. I really think you only safely get a couple of months use out of them.”

So there it is… seems in my small survey the results were close – but most people didn’t use them, or don’t feel that they are useful for long periods of time.  I’m wanting to sew my own baby bedding, and it would really help reduce the amount of work I need to do… Any other thoughts readers?