The picnic for families who have adopted from South Korea through Children’s Bridge was great!  Matt and I were a little unsure if we should really go since we have not adopted yet – but I’m so glad we did.  Everyone there was extremely friendly and welcoming.  They answered so many questions and were very open about their experiences.  And my goodness – the children!  What adorable little ones!!  There was a very nice family with a little girl they just brought home 3 weeks ago – just a little doll!! 

We learned lots about travelling to Korea, what to expect etc.  We also learned about other events that are held in the area thoughout the year.  There is a Christmas party in Toronto each year and a culture camp just north of Toronto.  There also is going to be the Jeng Yi Korean Drummers performing at Stratford Summer Music on August 3rd that we found out about – we will be there for sure!  We also learned about some grocery stores that sell Korean food in Kitchener that we plan to explore.

We thought we would stay about 30-45 minutes, but we were there over 3 hours.  I’m so glad we now have a couple of families we know in the area who have gone through the same experiences, and hopefully we will be able to socialize with a bit once we get our baby!!

I know – too many exclamation marks…  but hey – I’m excited!