A few weeks ago a co-worker had spoke with a patron of the library and mentioned to her that my husband and I were adopting from South Korea.  This woman had a young girl adopted from Korea, and my co-worker gave her my name and said that I could get in touch if I had any questions!  How nice!  Then yesterday when I came back after  having a few days off there was a message from this woman, letting me know about a picnic she and her family were throwing for families who have adopted from South Korea through Children’s Bridge!  The only problem is that the picnic is tomorrow and I have to work 😦 

So I called her and left a message, thanking her for the invite, but we would not be able to attend.  However soon after she called back, and turns out the picnic runs until 8pm!  So we should be able to go.  There are people from as far as Toronto attending, about 60-80 – a great way to network. 

Anyhow, she said something that I found was very kind – she mentioned that there will be babies, and asked if I would be ok with that.  Most people don’t understand that those who have dealt with infertility often have a hard time being around young children, especially babies.  They may say they understand – but they cannot understand the pain unless they have gone through it themselves.  But this was someone who did understand!!   I must admit I am getting much better, but there was a while when all my gal pals were having babies and I had a real hard time attending showers, and even visiting the babes once they were born.  But knowing that we really are going to have a family has helped me deal with this and move on. 

A couple of other weird things about this picnic – turns out Matt had duck hunted at this family’s property in the fall!  Secondly, the lady I was speaking to mentioned another family they know with 2 boys adopted from Korea, and I helped them at the library this morning!  What a small world!