Gardening is dangerous!

Happy Canada Day to everyone yesterday – hope my fellow Canadians had a good time! 

A few weeks ago after the Relay for Life we discovered our central air condenser unit had a leak and needed to be replaced (like a potential adoptive parent has $1200 laying around!) and the bushes around the unit needed to be removed so that it could be worked on.  That made Matt smile.  He had wanted to pull them out for some time.  So he got a tree and a small bush out – in the meantime – he pulled a muscle in his arm and was in pain for a few days.  Throughout the week, we started talking about removing all bushes from the front garden to re-landscape the garden, making it more manicured (I will post before, during and after pics).

So since we were having a Canada Day party yesterday, we decided to get the few straggling bushes out from the front garden.  Matt worked on getting the bushes, and I decided to work on the roots – big big mistake.  The first root I started to pull on made something pull in my back.  Not good.  Since then my lower left hand side of my back has been in intense pain.  Not good for a Canada Day party.  I took some back muscle relaxers – but they didn’t seem to work so I thought beer would be a better pain reliever 🙂  Tylenol 3 helped let me sleep, but now it is a new day and it is worse.  Since it is a Wednesday, the doctor is closed, so I have a call in to the massage clinic – I’m hoping they are open today!  I really don’t know if I can work tomorrow – I feel good if I’m standing, but since my job entails me sitting all day, and the pain is the worst when sitting and bending… Not a good situation… 

Moral of the story – bend with your knees when pulling on roots.