In the blogosphere…

Just hopping around the adoption web blogosphere and found 3 cool sites I wanted to share.
One had a very inspirational blog about a family who has raise $20,000 through various sales for their upcoming adoption.  I’ve been thinking about various fund raising ideas, creating a cookbook, starting an etsy store, selling things on eBay – but I don’t think that will amount to $20,000! 
Another blog had a link to the Global Rich List – where you can enter your income to see where you are in the list of riches people in the world.  Now I now I am not rich by Canadian standards, but when you come out to being in the top .93% of the world, it makes you think how blessed and lucky we are to live in a county such as Canada.
This one is fun – especially for kids – bzzzpeek – it is a collection of recordings of children’s voices imitating the sounds of vehicles and animals in their native languages.  And there is South Korea!

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