In the blogosphere…

Just hopping around the adoption web blogosphere and found 3 cool sites I wanted to share.
One had a very inspirational blog about a family who has raise $20,000 through various sales for their upcoming adoption.  I’ve been thinking about various fund raising ideas, creating a cookbook, starting an etsy store, selling things on eBay – but I don’t think that will amount to $20,000! 
Another blog had a link to the Global Rich List – where you can enter your income to see where you are in the list of riches people in the world.  Now I now I am not rich by Canadian standards, but when you come out to being in the top .93% of the world, it makes you think how blessed and lucky we are to live in a county such as Canada.
This one is fun – especially for kids – bzzzpeek – it is a collection of recordings of children’s voices imitating the sounds of vehicles and animals in their native languages.  And there is South Korea!

Immigration Hell

Ok – I’m an Internet junkie. My job is using the Internet, navigating it, showing people how to use the Internet… and I can’t figure out how to find the right Immigration papers!  I have spent 2 days trying to get the right stuff together – but the wording – my goodness – so confusing!  I think I have the right link now –  If anyone else is working on their immigration work and is from Ontario, can you let me know if this is the right link?  I’m just waiting to hear back from our agency on whether I have the right stuff lined up.

We are planning on filling it all out this weekend and trying to mail it away by next week – only hangup is that Matt is a teacher and the School Board is going to be letting out for the summer soon and we need another original statement of employment.  Hopefully we can get it soon!