We Signed!

Yesterday we signed our homestudy – a great start to Father’s Day!  Our AP needs to have a notary sign it this morning and then will be sending it away to Children’s Bridge this afternoon!  That means we have to get our buts in gear and finish our Dossier tonight!  Really is just the adoption letter for the South Korea Social Welfare Society that we need to finish – but it is the most important part!

Education Kit

This morning while still in my pjs with wild wild hair, the doorbell rang – a girl’s worst nightmare!  It was the Purolator man with our Children’s Bridge Adoption and Parenting Resource Kit!  When we sent away our retainer we also sent away our education fee which essentially the Resource Kit. 

The binder is easily 3 inches thick with hundreds of articles and parenting sources.  There is also a copy of Adoptive Families magazine, two children’s picture books, two adoptive parenting books, a dvd, and a few brochures. 

It will be an amazing wealth of information!