Relay for Life

On Friday I participated in the Relay for Life.  The Relay for Life is a 12 hour relay that raises money and awareness about Cancer.  I decided to put in a team before the whole adoption process began, and in retrospect, I think it was a little too much to take on – but hey – it was for a good cause.  You see in January 2005 I was at the gym and while lifting weights I noticed in the mirror that I had a lump on my throat – kinda like an Adam’s apple.  Since I’m not a man, I realized that something is kinda wrong.  I went to the doctor who referred me to a Ear Nose Throat specialist.  He performed biopsies and ultrasounds – but the results were inconclusive – so he sent me on to a Endocrinologist in London.  It was at the meeting with him that I heard the C word.  It had not crossed my mind that there was a chance at having cancer.   There was a chance that it was Hurthle Cell Cancer – a type of cancer with a lower survival rate.  In January 2006, I was able to finally get in for surgery and had my whole thyroid removed – so I have a nice throat scar now.  2 weeks later we found out that it was not cancer – yeah!!  But there are so many others who are not so lucky. 

So, the Relay is a way to help me do something good.

My team was called Friends Fighting for our Future and consisted of me, Kelly, another Krista, Jill and Melinda.  Friday was HOT – like 39 with the humidex – full sun – it was hot.  And with heat comes storms.  So just after 10, when the luminaries were finally lit, a massive thunderstorm hit.  Everyone went running – including most of our team!   Kelly and I were the only ones who spent the night – (however Jill and Melinda were not planning on spending the night and we new that before hand).  We walked on and off after the storm until 6:30am – we had lots of blisters on our toes – but we survived!

Those are not mountains – they are the clouds coming in…

Not the most flattering photo, but hey – it was 5:30am – we survived the night!