Almost done Home Study…

We are almost done our home study!  I handed in all of our PRIDE homework – yes there was homework, and a letter from my thyroid specialist, and a copy of our PRIDE certificate of completion to our AP yesterday.  All we have left is Matt’s medical reports.  He is the healthy one – you would have thought his medical would have been the easy one.  But no.  He called in early May to make an appointment, and the receptionist said she could not fit him in until the middle of JUNE!  So I made him call back and get it changed.  She then got him in on the 31st of May. 

So last Friday rolled around and he called me after his apt. to let me know that his doctor had made appointments for a chest x-ray, blood work, and a TB shot at the health unit where he will have to pay $20.  I was shocked.  When I had my apt with my md, who I was able to get into see in about 4 days , I just had a small TB injection in his office and had to go back a few days later to see if the injection site was inflamed.  But now we have to wait until June 9, and then a few days after that for any results.  I am insisting that he changes his doctor – the man is incompetent.  He leaves the door open while speaking to patients, apologises over and over again, will prescribe just about anything… just a few of the issues I have.

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