Finished PRIDE!

Yeah!  We finished PRIDE yesterday!  It was yet again a very long day – I guess I’m just not used to sitting still for 8 hours a day.  Yesterday’s topics were continuing family relationships, planning for change and making an informed change.  We also had a panel of those involved in foster / domestic adoption where we were able to ask questions.  It was an interesting day for sure.  But I am super happy to be done.  One thing they could have improved upon was the lunches.  Yesterday we were served bologna sandwiches.  Yes – bologna.  The deserts were very good however.  Just wondering if anyone else in our group had a nice cold one when they got home?!

On a sad note, on our way to PRIDE we were listening to the news on the radio and were shocked to hear about a car accident on HWY 4 on Friday.  There was 42 year old woman killed an a 1yr old was in critical care in London.  We were not sure if we heard the name right – but unfortunately we had – it was the wife of Matt’s teaching partner a few years ago.  She was a wonderful woman – a mother to 4 and a foster mother to many many more children in need.   So Matt and I were in shock and obviously were not paying as much attention to PRIDE as we should have.  Shawn we are thinking about you and praying for you.