2nd PRIDE Session

On Saturday – a beautiful sunny day after a cold wet week – we attended our second PRIDE session.  I have to admit, this session was much better than the first one.  This time we had sessiosn 4 – 6 (no – I did not write the descriptions below).

Session Four: Meeting Developmental Needs: Loss
The session covers the types of losses children have before they enter foster care  and adoption and explores how placement can deepen the child’s sense of loss. Loss is presented as something everyone must face, and participants have a chance to consider their own responses to losses in life.

Session Five: Strengthening Family Relationships
The focus of this session is on family identity, cultural heritage, and self-esteem in children. Participants have the opportunity to learn ways to help a child develop positive cultural identity and important family and sibling connections.

Session Six: Meeting Developmental Needs: Discipline
This session explores the challenge of discipline and the difference between discipline and punishment. The session offers an outline of ways foster and adoptive parents can best meet the goal of providing discipline that works.  

I have a great set of directions for the optimal Time Out procedure if you need one!

One more set to go…