Happy Victoria Day!

Well, we went away with Matt’s parents for the long weekend to the Robinson family cottage near Burk’s Falls.  Matt and I needed to get away and relax.  Unfortunately the weather sucked.  It rained, and rained, and rained.  We did however have a nice bonfire on Saturday night – with a little help from some fire starter 🙂  I however did not have such a relaxing weekend.  Friday I wasn’t feeling well, then Friday night I didn’t sleep much – maybe 2-3 hours – gotta love Lupron!  Then Saturday I woke up with pink eye.  Sunday night I barely slept 2 hours, and all day Monday I felt nauseous – perhaps the lack of sleep?  I somehow got a massive bruise on my arm, my dog scratched my nose… I’m just falling apart!

But it was a fun time over all – great company, great food – and now that I’m home – a good night’s sleep – I hope!