Survived the Home Visit!

Yeah!! Last night we survived our home visit!  We had been cleaning and doing various things to make the house look as good as it can for the past week.  We also were doing safety things that were on the homestudy check list – ie. non slip pads under rugs, alcohol is away, barriers between pond and house, locking away medicine, writing a fire evacuation plan…  that stort of stuff.

But our AP came, we talked a bit, and then gave a tour.  She loved our home and feels that it will be a perfect place for a child.  Two things we have to still do though – get a larger fire extinguisher – ours is only 2lb, and it must be a minimum of 2.5lb.  Also she pointed out something – we do not have a railing going down to our basement – and it is required by the building code.  When she mentioned that, both Matt and I thought of the railing that was in the rafters of out basement when we moved in.   It had been chewed by a dog… and the previous owners obviously removed it to sell the house – and did not replace it.  So we have to do those two things before we get our child.

For anyone going through this process – do not worry about the home visit!  Just clean your house like you normally do – no reason to go overboard.  I didn’t know what to expect, and didn’t need to go to the extremes I went to (ie. cleaning my hope chest out…)

We went out to celebrate last night and had a nice dinner at a favourite downtown restaurant.  This morning however I feel HORRID!  I had to call in sick – I hope I am not getting the flu everyone else seems to have.