Think Spring!

There are so many things we do in the spring.  We start spending more time outdoors, socializing with friends, excercising more, yard word, and the inevitable – Spring Cleaning. 

Tomorrow I have the day off so I will be prepping for our home study visit next week.  I will be scrubbing my baseboards, hand washing the floors, the walls, cleaning the fridge…   All part of Spring Cleaning I guess.  I am also hoping to spend Sunday in the garden.  I hope to:

  • Plant the bulbs I bought at the Stratford Garden Festival in March
  • Weed
  • Replant seeds – my peas did not come up!
  • Weed
  • Work up the flower beds – trying to mend the damage from the moles
  • Degrub my yard as best as I can – then hopefully the skunks will stop digging up my yard…
  • Plant the 2 planters to go beside my back door (fountain grass, coleus, and potato vine)

oh no – just check the weather – 17C, and 70% chance of rain for Sunday…  gardening isn’t looking too good…


One response

  1. No, gardening didn’t happen, but we had a good mother’s days dinner! I wouldn’t let Krista “the super mommy” do any work!

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