Tonight we are going to finish our homework for our home study.  We have the parenting survey to complete.  It entails going over what skills we have for being a parent, what sort of discipline we will be using on our future children, and how we will communicate our adoption story with our child one day.  It sounds basic enough information, but the topics are such important ones. 

Adopted children can have various emotional issues, one main one being loss.  Since we are adopting from South Korea, the loss will be twice as hard.  The child will first lose their birth mother, and then they will lose their foster mother.  So I will be their third mommy, that has got to be hard, even if the child is only 6-12 months old.  I’ve been reading some books on how to deal with this difficult issue, but I think talking with other adoptive parents would be very useful as well.  We do know a copule who adopted from China a few years ago so I’m hoping we can get together with them and have a good discussion.

Many adoptive children also can have attachment issues because of the orphanages.  In orphanages, many children do not get enough one on one attention, they don’t get spoken to, and do not get held enough, so they do not know how to bond.  We are hoping that with South Korea having orphans in foster care, this will not be such major issue, but we need to know how to handle it if it should become one.

This weekend we start our PRIDE training – this is Parenting training that all adoptive parents and foster parents in Ontario need to complete before they are able to adopt.  PRIDE stands for Parent Resources for Information, Development, and Education.  The sessions are full day sessions, 8:30 – 5:30, an hour away, so they will be VERY long days, they better provide lunch and lots of coffee!  Will comment more on that after Saturday.