What’s Next?

…the home study visit. The home study visit is when your AP comes to your home and checks to ensure that it is a safe clean environment fit for a child.  We do not need to have a nursery set up (although I already have it designed in my head…), but we do need to prove that there is a room within close proximity to our bedroom.  We have arranged the visit for May 15 – so now we have to “baby proof” our home!  So far we have:

  • moved the carbon monoxide detector upstairs, outside the bedrooms
  • put plastic covers over the electrical plugs

We need to:

  • install high door locks to prevent a child from going into our backyard, basement, garage, front yard…
  • add cupboard locks in the bathrooms and kitchen
  • secure cables

I’m not sure but I think our surround sound speakers might need different stands – they are kinda wobbly and may not be secure enough. I’m also wondering about my plants – I love houseplants – and have a beautiful Christmas cactus which was my husbands great grandmothers – and it is very large and hangs over a small table… not sure about that one.
If anyone has any more ideas we would love to have them!