We have begun!

We are officially on our way to adopting a child from South Korea!

Here is a little bit on how it has all started.

Due our inability to get pregnant on our own, my husband and I decided that the best thing for us was to adopt. We could have tried to get pregnant with medical assistance, but that is a lot of strain and stress that at this time we were not willing to take on. So just before Christmas I called Children’s Bridge and was able to get us on the Call Back List for South Korea. The Call Back list is essentially the waiting list to be able to start your adoption process. South Korea is planning on ending their adoption program in 2014 and as a result they have limited the number of children available each year, and each year that number is being reduced. We were told that it would probably be 2010 when we would be able to get a referral. So we had a very happy Christmas, knowing that we will be having a family in just over a year.

On April 4, 2008 however, we received a phone call from our agency with some exciting news! There had been a number of families who had pulled out of the Korea program for one reason or another and we were now on the list for 2009 and that we could start our homestudy! What a rush of emotions. We were obviously extremely excited – but also overwhelmed. We had to find an adoption practitioner who could start right away. The person we had “booked” was not able to start until June 1st, and well…. we didn’t want to wait! 

Luckily a lovely woman in our home town was able to get us in quickly and we met on April 9th. She gave us LOTS of homework – you should see the paperwork! Questions after questions, medicals, police checks, Interpol checks, Children’s Services checks… but it will be well worth it!